Eid Mubarak!

The kids of Swapaksh School are in a festive mood! Eid Mubarak! The occasion was celebrated with yummy laddoos and a school holiday. We announce the holiday and then, believe it or not, the kids announce they would rather come to school! This was soon forgotten though when we started the clothes distribution. Here are some of the kids going home with their loot 🙂

It was a pleasure to see them the next day in neat and fresh clothes. Another exciting development is that we have sponsors for the kids’ desks and the kits have been procured and delivered.

These are portable desks for use in the class room. We packed each with a stationary kit, crayons and notebook all neatly contained within the desk itself. One desk per kid and the raucous stationary distribution is now happily eliminated. They start using these the coming Monday. Can’t wait to see their beaming faces when they get these!