Of Diyas and Topis…

Its been a festive November at school – could you expect any less from a month that starts off with Diwali?

Kids and grownups alike listened enthralled as one of our volunteers presented an animated narration of the Ramayana. The magic, emotions and bravado came alive for us right in our little classroom.  You could tell the story really caught their imagination when the circle time discussions continued to be about Ramayana for at least a week after! All the students then made pictures of diyas and with those we decorated our school for Diwali.

We barely recovered from Diwali and Children’s Day was upon us. How thrilled the kids were to know there is a day dedicated to them! They learned about Jawaharlal Nehru and his love for kids by making a Nehru topi out of newspaper. Just look at our little Jawahars in the photos below – aren’t they adorable? A special C-day treat little expected by our kiddos – a puppet show with full on drama and theatrics, followed by some fun and frolic.

It has been a good month! 🙂