Supporting educational equity and breaking barriers for underserved communities
NGO dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth

Ajanta Purkayastha was born into a life of affluence and privilege. The world of India’s desperate slums was also uncomfortably close. This caused Ajanta great distress. Determined to do something to alleviate this drastic situation, she started Udaan India Foundation in 2004 which has, since then, expanded from 20 children to about 450 today.

Meera Ashar contributes very different critical skills from her background as an investment banker and realtor. She utilises her experience from running a movement-education centre that served kids in early childhood.

Elora Ghosh a dedicated educator, sees her calling as mentoring children that other schools have given up on. With Elora joining hands, the two other members found the confidence to make Swapaksh Learning Centre a reality.

Shikha Vohra is an entrepreneur in the field of emotional wellness and works with corporates and trains differently abled aspiring young adults in soft skills. Swapaksh is her 30 year old dream come true.  She believes that instilling the joy of learning is the most powerful tool that can be given to the children to ensure their continuous growth and success in life. 

It takes everyone to make positive outcomes. The key volunteers applied their own unique skills and life experiences to give our students a leg up.