Swapaksh brings quality education to the doorstep of children from underprivileged communities. We currently have 75 children at our learning centre. Visit our website to know more.

Your donations are exempt from tax under 80G.

Sponsor Academics

Our academics package including textbooks, workbooks, stationery, etc. amounts to 3000 per year per child. You can choose to sponsor the education for one child or more children for the upcoming academic year.

Sponsor Nutrition

We provide a fruit a day to all our students to ensure a healthy diet. The cost for this bit of extra nutrition comes to 2400 per week. You can choose to sponsor the nutrition for one or more weeks for the upcoming academic year.

Sponsor a Cake

The children hardly get to rejoice their special day. At Swapaksh, we see happy smiling faces as we cut a cake to celebrate their birthdays at the beginning of the month. Sponsor a 3kg. cake for the cost of 1200 or more for this occasion.

Day Boarding

The older children (30 in number) stay back for another three hours after school. This gives them time to complete their homework, clear doubts from the in-house supervising staff and put in some extra study in the secure premises of the Centre. They are provided with a wholesome snack in the evening before they return home. This comes to 1000 per month, per child. You could contribute to one child’s or more children’s well-being.

Sponsor Joyful Learning

Or, you could choose to make an open donation that would be used towards books for creating a well-stacked library, or teaching resources or field trips as the need arises.

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