Swapaksh was founded by a team of like minded individuals with diverse professional backgrounds who have joined hands and are committed to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

Ajanta Purkayastha

Founder, Social activist

“A teacher by profession but life changed after I moved to Mumbai. Living in an high end apartment made me extremely uncomfortable when I would look out of the window and see the sprawling slums. Increasingly felt the need to step out of the ivory tower to work in the slums. In 2004 started The Remedial School with 20 children. Today it has about 450 children. In 2010 started a centre for women empowerment. Today many of these women have become confident economically independent individuals. My passion to change lives has resulted in starting Swapaksh.”

Elora Ghosh

Founder, Special Educator

Elora Ghosh is an educator with several years’ experience. She specializes in teaching those children whom regular schools have given up on. Her success with children with different needs was the confidence behind starting Swapaksh.

Meera Ashar

Founder, Entrepreneur

“With over 25 years of professional experience of being an investment advisor, a realtor to being an entrepreneur running a movement education centre for early childhood, I call myself ‘Jack of all trades’. Working with children has always been a passion and Swapaksh has given seamless opportunity to fulfil this dream.”

Shikha Vohra

Founder, Entrepreneur

“I am an entrepreneur in the field of emotional wellness. We work with corporates as well as train differently abled aspiring young adults in soft skills. I have been an educator who is a learner in my core.  I am passionate about growth and believe that every child is a teacher. Swapaksh is my 30 yr old dream come true.  I believe that instilling the joy of learning is the most powerful tool that we can give our children to ensure their continuous growth and success in life. “

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Swapaksh. It’s our team of enthusiastic volunteers and dedicated teachers that keep us going.

Many thanks also to past volunteers for all their time and support.

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