Happy Birthday to Us!

It has been a full year! Swapaksh launched on 25th March 2018 in a tiny shack with a handful of kids and we have come a long way in the last one year.

We now have two fully stocked classrooms running three sessions in a day catering to about sixty kids in all age and ability ranges. Processes are in place, routines are familiar. We have embraced Montessori methods for the younger kids and play way for our primary students.

As everywhere, we discover that each child is unique and we embrace it. A year in, we pretty much know where our students stand but every once in a while they surprise us and we find there is more and more to discover about each one.

The most rewarding experiences though are the transformations we have witnessed.

Meet G. She is a shepherdess. When we first met her, she was a little scary!  She spoke like in an eternal fight, the tiniest thing could upset her and trigger an emotional outburst. Today, we find her so much calmer and a real pleasure to talk to. She connects with us on a personal level, participates whole heartedly in group activities and is always trying to please. Her favourite thing though is showing off her prowess in spoken English. 🙂

Another student of ours is P. A shy girl, she came to school with her head covered and her personality hidden. For weeks we had no clue what she thought or felt. Then one day, she smiled. And what a smile it was! Carefree, amused, pleased, lighting up the whole space. Once the wall was broken, we discovered she is a fast learner and loves math.


The stories are endless… Even in the community we have gained the trust of the people.

Of course, it’s not all hunky dory. We do have the hard days. But then there are ok ones and there are great ones. In the end, if we are able to positively influence even one child, then it’s all worth it!

We sincerely thank all our sponsors and our community leaders for the support and the trust they put in us.

Over the next year, we hope to make even more progress in providing the students at our centre an education on par with the best. An education that keeps their minds sharp and their hearts kind.