The Google Doodle Experience

“Don’t just learn. Think!”

Our students dread hearing these words. They are all smart, intelligent children quite capable of deep thought. But they have been so conditioned to “do as you are told” that they just want to do that. So, we threw them in the deep end of the pool.

We registered four of our students in the Indian chapter of  #DoodleForGoogle 2019. With an oh-so-open-ended “When I grow up I Hope …” they were forced to think and rethink, make and remake, refine, iterate. We did not place in the finals but we are SO proud of our kids’ ideas and most of all their perseverance in getting it done even when the going was tough. Here we present a journal of the thinking and learning that went into this.

day 1
Day 1
day 2
Day 2
day 3
Day 3
day 4
Day 4
day 5
Day 5
day 6
Day 6
day 7
Day 7