New Year, New Beginnings

One of the things we have been eager to implement is a Midday Meal program for the children. With the new year, our efforts have come to fruition and we are very happy to announce that all students at Swapaksh now get a healthy afternoon meal prepared by #AkshayaPatra.

Another new development is the start of the adult education program. A bunch of enthusiastic youngsters from the area have registered and we have high hopes for them.

A not so new event in this first month of 2020 was India’s 71st Republic Day. I gave a copy of Leila Seth’s “We the Children of India” to some of our older kids. We read it together and discussed the various ideals that we as a country have chosen to uphold. They countered with various incidents and raised questions about India’s Democratic process. A very fruitful discussion ensued that ended with one girl saying “I wish the whole world was one single country with these same rules.” Cheers to that!