Of Bits and Bytes

With much apprehension, I dialed into the Zoom meeting and instantly fell in love with the curious faces peeping through the camera and saying “Good Morning Ma’m. It was September 2020, COVID was all around us, and our first computer class for BudsPlus began. Together we learnt the computer parts, touched the laptop and desktop for the first time and tried to control the mouse. It was love at first try for our students!

Today Swapaksh’s computer lab boasts of 6 computers (yes, we need more!). Each student gets 2 hours of lab time each and Meera ma’m now doubles up as the lab teacher as well. The students are all proudly and confidently cruising through loops, sequences and event using Scratch programming at code.org. They just finished their first exam and am I impressed!

Our Flowers have joined in too! They are exploring Paint and Word and will soon be on to Scratch programming.

For our students, this class is just not enough. They need more. And I have taken a role of a guide as they explore the vast expanses of Internet and experience the power of programming.

#TechForGood #migrantWorkers