The Monsoon Term

Mid July implies Mid Monsoon and the rains in Bangalore are tireless by now. Bangaloreans have a love-hate relationship with the rain. Rains bring infinite woes but also bring the temperature down and hey, its rain! Who could resist curling up with a cup of steaming coffee watching the rain paint the world green outside our windows?

The rains have evoked similar mixed reactions at Swapaksh School. The downpour may dampen the floor in our kuccha school room but it doesn’t dampen our spirit! The kids have been hard at work since the start of term and it shows. Their progress inspires us to egg them on further.

In the midst the monsoon and the magic some of our volunteers participated in a lunch service in the community where we run the school. Almost a thousand people partook of the home cooked food hand made by the participants.

For the kids of Swapaksh, it was a PTM of sorts! 🙂