Opportunity Method

If there is one word to describe our approach to teaching it would be “opportunistic”. The floor is all wet with rain – we stand and play games. Someone sponsors lettering books – we sit down and practice lettering. Kids are in a great mood today grasping everything super quick – we grab at the chance and introduce phonetic difference between ‘a’ and ‘e’. We find a bunch of tamarind seeds – we turn them into math kits. Walk in to the school room and find the kids already engaged in drawing? Get them to draw geometric shapes and learn the names. Crowded classroom? Stagger timings. Wonderful weather? Outdoor class! One particular kid already knows the numbers – hmm lets get him on to addition then. Kids are loving the alphabet flash card game? Ok, Math can wait for a bit!

The challenges we face are – presumably – the same as any school anywhere; you try to maximise the value within the limitations of your resources. Our kids too are – presumably – the same as any kids anywhere; they need affection and they need attention. But the experience for us is completely unique. The solutions we find are for us completely unique. Suffice to say that its not just the kids who are learning.