‘Tis the Season of Sharing

People’s generosity is boundless. Over the month of December, we have had two sponsors distribute colourful clogs to all the kids.

We have had another lady come in and celebrate her birthday with the kids of our school. And its not just cake and good times that she shared.

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Yet another brought us all – kids and teachers and volunteers – snack boxes on our Christmas Day celebration.

It is indeed the Season of Sharing!

To inculcate this Spirit of Sharing in our kids we had a short celebration at school. All the kids merrily sang Christmas Carols and then played Secret Santa. First time they have ever heard of Santa. Who is this magical man who brings everyone gifts!?! Well, he’s among us. YOU could be Santa. Over the week they made small handmade gifts to exchange with a ‘secret’ recipient on the day of our celebration thus becoming each others’ Secret Santa.

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And boy did they love all the making and the giving and the getting!

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All of our talk about sharing and gifting seems to have caught their imagination… How proud we were when some of our older kids gave US a gift – a surprise dance – learnt practically overnight with the aid of our teachers. And how our hearts swelled when one student made close to 40 Christmas Cards to share with all the kids in his class AND the teachers AND all the volunteers.

With a sense of pride and great humility at the same time, we share the accomplishments of our kids with all of you. Wishing each and every member of the Swapaksh family a very happy New Year 2019!