The Wind Beneath Their Wings

‘Swapaksh’ loosely translates as ‘by the power of your own wings’. We chose the name because that is exactly what we believe our students need. They move forward in this world, soar to the skies by dint of their own hard work and determination.  Our school is simply the wind beneath their wings.

So its a matter of great pride and joy to us when we see our kids take their learning into their own hands.

It has taken time but today, they actually step up and say “I didn’t understand that… Can you teach me again?” 🙂 The first step towards change is awareness is it not?

Today, each child tries to complete the work on their own rather than just copy and get it over with. Each child makes sure the teacher takes a look at their completed work and verifies their understanding. And if they get something wrong the first time, they go back and do it over. And over and over!

As a school that aims to educate the heart as well as the mind, we are loving this. Touch Wood.