Back to School!

It’s June! June is monsoon time. As also back to school time. Looking back at our posts from last June, the rain really played havoc with our schedules. So blessed that we are now able to house our school in much better quarters and lessons continue uninterrupted, come rain or shine.

Support has poured in in the form of textbooks, schoolbags, stationery and other study material. The new academic year has started brilliantly with the smell of new books and wet chalk. And oh the kids! How they love all the attention! One kid just wouldn’t stop stroking her new textbook, smoothing out invisible lines in her perfect new treasure. Another tells me, after an intense session with her math textbook “Time just flew by today! Can we continue to work longer? Please?”. The children have started the new academic year in right earnest. We hope the momentum will continue to build and wish them all good luck.

In another heartwarming turn of events, we have had several teens turn up at our centre, offering to help, wanting to work with our kids and make a positive impact. One youngster voluntarily donated part of his academic scholarship. A college student has offered up her time to help with backend work. What could be more reassuring than this? Our world is most definitely in good hands!

The month not only started on a high note, but also ended on a high note. We were very fortunate to have volunteers from Vibha visit our school and engage the kids in a morning of varied activities. From team building activities like tandem colouring and ferrying water with a sponge to out and out fun games like balloon bursting and passing the parcel, the children had a blast. As the games and activities were winding down some kids slowly started dancing and then others joined in and within a few minutes, the whole school was dancing a merry jig. Many thanks to Vibha for showering our kids with such love and attention.