A Capsule on Health and Hygiene

It’s July and classes are in full swing. Along with studies, practising hygiene is an ongoing activity. The heat and dust of urban living makes it imperative. So, a 15-minute Hygiene Capsule every month serves as a timely reminder!

First session started from the top, er, Head – a quick ‘how to’ keep hair and scalp clean free of nits and dandruff, regular oiling, shampooing. Curious kids armed with “why’s”, and so, a few laughs are soon underway. Boys vs girls, long vs short hair, curly or straight – a volley of Q & A. Not to let go of any opportunity, we teacher-volunteers who’ve learnt to think on our feet, quickly turned it into an English speaking practice class too. Talk of fringe benefits!

Winding up, it was the turn of the kids to speak up. Answers ranged from “clean head, shining hair”, “do not waste water” (so nice to hear this in water-starved Bangalore!), “only if hair is neat and clean, it can look stylish, hai na Ma’m? (from the girls), and “yay! we have less work ” from, yes, you guessed it – the boys.
The session ended with each one getting their bottle of shampoo, and many promises of clean, shining hair.

Next month, it’s onto ‘teeth’. Lots of toothy grins in store for sure…😀

Also aligned with the topic of health is the free eye check up arranged for the kids of Swapaksh by Shankara Eye Hospital. With their assistance we were able to identify a few problems and get early remedy.