Of Bits and Bytes

With much apprehension, I dialed into the Zoom meeting and instantly fell in love with the curious faces peeping through the camera and saying “Good Morning Ma’m. It was September 2020, COVID was all around us, and our first computer class for BudsPlus began. Together we learnt the computer parts, touched the laptop and desktopContinue reading “Of Bits and Bytes”

Looking back, Looking forward

This was a quiet month on most counts. The children have been attending classes regularly and the teachers too have settled into a routine.  It is heartening to see the kids make progress, and at the same time heart-breaking to realise how much more could have been achieved if the classes had been offline. OneContinue reading “Looking back, Looking forward”

Learning Never Stops!

With a heavy heart, we shut down the school in the second week of March as per the Government directive, with no clue as to when we could open up again. Though the school was physically shut, we never really lost touch with the children at all. We were constantly calling the parents, reassuring them,Continue reading “Learning Never Stops!”

Christmas 2019

Somehow, Christmas always brings out the best in creativity. This year was no exception. Volunteers, teachers and students all enjoyed creating various Christmas artefacts to the background score of jingling bells and snowmen and reindeer. A time of good cheer and new hopes. Here’s hoping for many more!